Technological module

Technological module


The technological module is designed to measure and record the pipe, annular pressure, torque, rotational speed of the drilling tool, temperature and vibration along three axes. The technological module consists of a measuring unit with a transmitter and a receiver unit. Data exchange between the transmitter, receivers and the MWD system is carried out over a radio channel. These modules are used to optimize the drilling process. The technological module can be used both in real time in conjunction with the MWD system, and in stand-alone mode. The module is powered by its own lithium battery pack.


  • Module work in real time and offline
  • Data exchange between modules does not depend on the type of drilling fluid
  • Compatible with all products of the company in the field of M \ LWD


  • Construction of vertical, directional and horizontal wells
  • Construction of tunnels and trenchless crossings
  • Optimization of the drilling process

Device parameters. 

Name Meaning
Diameter 172 / 203 / 120.7mm
Length 1100mm
Maximum temperature 0~150/175°С
Pipe pressure 0~140MPa +-1%
Annular pressure 0~140MPa +-1%
Rotational speed 0~255rpm +-2rpm
Vibration along three axes 0~50g +-1g
Internal memory 200 hours at a step of 2 seconds
Continuous battery life 200h