The measures taken by the company "Roteishn technology", for the modernization of the technological process of production of non-magnetic steel:

  1. Strict control of chemical composition of the material, especially the ratio of the elements C, Cr, Mn, N, etc. It is possible to increase the mechanical properties of the material and ensure a low and stable level of magnetic properties of steel. For steel production are used special furnaces and furnaces for fire refining AOD.
  2. Use in the production of non-magnetic steel forging machine with a diameter 1800T, technology application hot forging, strict control of temperature and degree of deformation during forging, which ensures high corrosion resistance.
  3. The use of special mechanical processing, the use of modern mechanical equipment and digital technology, full compliance with the requirements of mechanical precision.

The company produces the following types of steel:

  • Non-magnetic steel brand RSNM110 (analog steel P530 brand Bleckmann)
  • Non-magnetic steel brand RSNM140 (analog steel brand Bleckmann P550 P530)


Produced by the non-magnetic drill pipe fully meet the standards of the oilfield services companies Baker Hughes and Schlumberger.
Non-magnetic steel brand RSNM110


Characteristics and chemical composition of non-magnetic steel grade RSNM110

Mark C Si Mn P S Crng> Ni Mo N Al Cu Nb B
DWNM101 ≤0.03 0.40-0.60 18.00-21.00 ≤0.01 ≤0.005 13.00-14.00 0.40-1.20 0.40-0.60 0.30-0.40 ≤0.025 ≤0.70 ≤0.10 0.0005-0.0025

Mechanical properties of non-magnetic steel grade RSNM110

Nominal diameter, mm Yield strength RP0.2 Tensile strength Rm Elongation A The shrinkage factor Z Impact strength AkV Hardness
No more than ∅180 759 ≥110 ≥828 ≥120 ≥25 ≥50 ≥100 285-360
More ∅180 ≥690 ≥100 ≥828> ≥120 ≥25 ≥50 ≥100 285-360

Relative magnetic permeability

Gradiant magnetic field ΔB≤0.04 µt