The F-Series

Design features of mud pump series F


Mud pumps are manufactured to analogues of the world famous mud pumps EMSCO, GARDNER DENVER, IDECO, NATIONAL, OILWELL. The F series pumps are used for pumped drilling mud into the formation under high pressure during drilling, well cementing, or performing well workovers.

  • Frame construction made of sheet steel. The bottom of the main bearing, upper and lower crankshaft cast steel processing stress relieving after welding. The lower base of the crankshaft applied the design of building tiles. The frame is fitted with oil tank and oil path system for cooling and lubrication.
  • The crankshaft is made from alloy steel. Big gear consists of a herringbone gear.
  • Gear shaft forged of alloy steel. On the shaft assembled herringbone gears, with the profile of the teeth of medium hardness.
  • The crosshead integrally forged from cast iron with nodular graphite. Has high abrasion resistance.
  • For guide plate is used the design of the upper and lower guide plates, install the plates on the lower rail which you can adjust the concentricity.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is forged of alloy steel, straight type, has a small volume at a high efficiency. The surface of the cylinder Nickel-plated to enhance the anticorrosion.
  • System of forced lubrication and jet lubrication.

Equipped with a cover and heated.

Remote control pneumatic and hydraulic type.

Can be presented in both stationary and towed version.