Support for the SDM

Support for the SDM

Downhole motors (SDM) in the range of 76-240 mm for vertical, directional (type D) and horizontal drilling, maintenance and rehabilitation works.


Our company supplies carbide radial bearings using carbide inserts of various configurations. The gaps between the carbide plates are filled with wear-resistant material with a significantly higher thermal conductivity in comparison with the hard alloy. Cracking of a hard alloy as a result of thermal shock at high radial loads or high sliding speeds is excluded.

The most important stage in the production of these radial bearings — grinding and polishing work surfaces.

The complex of the above techniques implemented in the manufacturing process carbide radial bearings, provides good quality products and, as a result, high reliability and long life supports under various conditions of operation as when using mud motors.


Carbide radial bearings for PDM's and turbodrills are produced in a wide range of sizes for dimensional drawings of the customer:

Option Diameter supports Leg length
Inner diameter 44-228 mm 25-460 mm
The outer diameter 51-242 mm 25-460 mm


Previously agreed working conditions radial bearings: the speed of rotation of the motor shaft, pressure drop across the bit, type of the washing liquid (solution), the configuration of the well (curvature parameters), placement supports in the motor spindle (top or bottom).

The materials used PRand manufacture of composite hard alloy bearings resistant to temperatures up to 650 °C and is compatible with all chemical reagents, such as water, oil, gas, salt, H2S, H2SO3, H2SO4, HCl, Cl2.