GWD system with hydraulic link



The GWD while drilling gyroscope consists of aerospace precision fiber optic sensors and high precision quartz accelerometers. The gyroscope supports automatic north search while drilling, which allows a complete measurement of the transmitter's orientation in space. The GWD system is used to cut out windows during the construction of sidetracks.

  • Electromagnetic intermodular connections

  • High reliability of the pulse generator (service interval 600 hours of circulation)

  • Retrievable system design

  • Compatible with all products of the company in the field of M \ LWD


  • Construction of vertical, directional and horizontal wells in conditions where it is not possible to work with a "magnetic" inclinometer
  • Emergency drilling operations near metal objects
  • Sidetracking
  • Drilling ore wells

Technical specifications.

 Name  Meaning
- Diameter 48mm
- Length 71m
- Maximum temperature 0~70°С
- Maximum pressure 120MPa
- Zenith angle 0°~60° +-0.2°
- Azimuth 0°~360° +- 2°(10°more INC less than 60°)
- Deflector 0°~360° +-1°С(INC more than 5°)
- North search time 50~110sec
- Vibration 20g (sin)/10g (case)
- Time of continuous work from one battery 150h