The hydrodynamic logging module allows measurements of reservoir pressure and fluid mobility together with the logging complex during drilling. Intelligent measurement mode: The sampling rate, pressure drop and pressure recovery time are optimized during the reservoir fluid suction process, which increases accuracy and reduces measurement time.



  • Adjustable control of the clamping force of the shoe

  • Real-time pressure measurement

  • Emergency folding of retaining pistons and shoe piston in case of loss of power

  • Compatible with all products of the company in the field of M\LWD



  • Multiple measurements of reservoir pressure and reservoir fluid mobility during one descent of the device

  • Permeability assessment

  • Determination of fluid contacts


Module parameters

Name Units Meaning
Diameter mm 121
Length m 4.55
Maximum Temperature °С 175
Maximum pressure Mpa 150
Pressure measurement range Mpa 0-150
Measurement time min 8-20
Retaining piston stroke mm 16
Shoe piston stroke mm 12
Piston ejection time sec ≤60
Piston folding time sec ≤60