Wireless telemetry system with combined communication channel


Wireless telemetry system with combined communication channel


The wireless telemetry system with a combined communication channel is a measurement-while-drilling system with the ability to transmit information from the bottomhole to the surface via an electromagnetic and hydraulic communication channel.



  • High speed of data transmission via electromagnetic communication channel
  • Good filtering and enhanced signal decay
  • Automatic detection of communication channel mode and intelligent decoding
  • Switching communication channel without BHA
  • The system is powered by both a generator and batteries (user-selectable)
  • System compatibility with bottom or top rotary pulsator (user selectable)


Operating conditions

Depends on the type of system power supply and the downhole pulse generator used (top / bottom)



  • Engineering services for the use of drilling fluids in unstable formations
  • Drilling operations with high data rate requirements
  • Drilling operations using dual transmission systems

Technical specifications



- EMP power


- EMP frequency

1~10 Hz

- СData transfer rate

0,25 ~ 5 bit / s

- Insulation resistance

≥20 MOhm

- Applicable reservoir resistivity range

3 ~ 1000 Ohm• m

- Instrument diameter


- Instrument length

≤12000mm (without gamma module)

- Thread

410 × 411 (NC50)