Pumping unit

Pumping unit


Pumping units are equipped with various components in accordance with customer requirements: it is possible to supply an auxiliary power system equipped with a diesel engine or another type of engine depending on the type of pump, the supply of a cardan shaft, gearbox box, shaft clutch coupling, booster pump, combined base, belt cover assembly.


 Technical characteristics and the name of knots of the pump block.

No. The name of the site Specifications
1 Mud pump Model
  Equipment in accordance with the technical specifications 

and conditions

  Pump type F series/3NB Series
2 Engine mud pump  
  Engine type Сатеrpillar/Cummins/JDEC
3 The torque Converter  
  The type of torque Converter Allison/Kaixing
4 Driveshaft  
5 The base of the pump  
6 The spray pump Assembly
7 Remote control