PDC bits with matrix body

PDC bits with matrix body


PDC bits matrix body, optimized profile of crown and location of cutters are suitable for medium to hard formations. Unique blade design: exclusive cutting teeth, and a unique curved design blades improve the ability of drilling in hard interlayer.



IADC code M332
The number of blades 5
Number of nozzles 5
Number of main cutters 36
Core cutters 1/2" (13 mm)
Length 2.0" (5.08 cm)
Square grooves 9 in2 (58.9 cm2)
Thread API 3-1/2" Reg.

Performance parameters

Output volume 100~350 GPM/6~22 L/S
The speed of rotation 80~500 RPM
The load on the drill bit 3~15 Klbs /15~70 KN
The maximum load on the drilling bit 20 Klbs /90 KN