The device is multi-frequency electromagnetic logging LHE873501

The device is multi-frequency electromagnetic logging LHE873501

Designed device multi-frequency electromagnetic logging LHE873501 has absorbed in itself the best achievements of the instrument unparalleled in the drilling process. Instruments LHE873501 to measure the true resistivity of the reservoir is integrated with the main platforms measurement tools in the drilling process LHE630N and LHE650N. The device is multi-frequency electromagnetic logging available in three types-sizes: 120mm, 172мм, 203mm.

Design features of the device allow the energy of the electronic parts as an internal chemical elements (lithium batteries), so the generator integrated measurement platforms. The modular structure allows to complete the device additional means of logging while drilling: for customers option module installation azimuthal gamma ray logging. Symmetrical design of the device allows to compensate the drift of the receivers and the influence of borehole effects and the double probe part prevents the influence of eccentricity of the tool and dielectric effect.

The result of the measurement device LHE7310A in the drilling process serve 8 the resistance curves of the phase shift and the attenuation amplitude at the frequency of 2MHz and 400kHz. The data from the device LHE7310A produced in the drilling process, assess the nature of the saturation of the reservoir, which increases the accuracy and speed of decision-making in the geological transactions of the wellbore.

The device is multi-frequency electromagnetic logging in process of drilling LHE873501 completed a series of successful tests during the construction of directional and horizontal wells in China. Device LHE873501 is a commercial product and is available serialO.

The module is available for purchase by customers in Russia from 2020.


Detailed information about the technical characteristics of the module LHE873501 you can see here.