Telemetry system delivery

By the end of 2021, another set of the LHE 630N telemetry system was sent to the Customer. Due to the urgency of the order, despite the presence of restrictions in transport logistics from China, the equipment was delivered on schedule.

A special feature of this set is the inclinometry module housings made of beryllium bronze alloy.

Alloys based on beryllium and copper have the following characteristics:

  • exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, comparable to those of pure copper;
  • increased wear resistance, ability to resist creep and fatigue;
  • high elastic limit;
  • beryllium bronzes do not emit sparks upon impact;
  • extremely high corrosion resistance, hardness and tensile strength.

All improvements from now on are supplied as standard.

The LHE telemetry system is certified on the territory of the Russian Federation, registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and approved for use when working in wells located on the territory of the Russian Federation (Certificate OS.C.27.004.A No. 74928).

Telemetry system delivery

Telemetry system delivery