Near-bit module LHE774501

Near-bit module LHE774501Developed Near-bit module LHE774501 allows you to receive relevant information from the current slaughter in the drilling process about the parameters of the curvature and perform stratigraphic position of the wellbore in a geological context. Near-bit module LHE774501 integrated with the main platforms measurement tools in the drilling process LHE630N and LHE650N. The module is available in diameter 172мм.

Structurally, the module consists of two non-magnetic subs: one is a transmitter (installed in the gap between the vertical bit and a downhole motor, turbine) and the other is a receiver (vertical mounted above a downhole motor, turbine). Communication between the receiver, transmitter and platforms measurement while drilling LHE630N and LHE650N is carried out through wireless communication channel. Industrial application of wireless communication channel proved stable communication between modules at a distance of 13m. Area nepromesa to probe the parts of the inclinometer and azimuthal gamma-ray logging is 600mm. The module has independent power supply, continuous working period 200 operating hours.

The result of the measurement module LHE7601 in the drilling process are the parameters of the curvature of the trajectory of the wellbore (measurement Zenith angle in dynamic and static) to the responses of the Top and Bottom of the natural radioactivity of rocks (available to the user to the responses of the sensor gamma-ray logging for 8 sectors of the memory module). Thus, the technological service of the mining company gets the relevant information in the drilling process about the trajectory of the wellbore "with bits", and the geological survey receives additional information about the geometric behavior of the reservoir, which increases the reliability of the service geosteering.

Near-bit module LHE774501 completed a series of successful tests during the construction of directional and horizontaltion wells in China. Module LHE7745011 is a commercial product and is available commercially.

The module is available for purchase by customers in Russia from 2020.


Detailed information about the technical characteristics of the module LHE774501 you can see here.