Module azimuthal gamma ray logging while drilling LHE6670

Module azimuthal gamma ray logging while drilling LHE6670

Developed a module azimuthal gamma ray logging while drilling LHE6670 is a non-magnetic sub with an outer diameter 172мм and internal drift diameter 71.4 mm. Module LHE6670 is a continuation of the product line of measurement of the natural radioactivity of rocks as an alternative replacement module integral gamma-ray logging used in the systems of measurement while drilling LHE630N and LHE650N. Azimuthal gamma-ray logging module is integrated with the main platforms of the dimension of the company. Thanks to the internal passage diameter of the module has the possibility of reducing the length of the Assembly system and the decrease of the area of nepromesa to the measurement sensors. The module has independent power supply, continuous working period 200 operating hours.

Constructive the location of the sensors of the natural radioactivity in the body of the sub eliminates the effect of diameter, the wall thickness of the module and to reduce the influence of drilling mud on the measurement results. In addition, the design solution allows to increase the sensitivity of the sensors gamma logging.

The result of the measurement module LHE6670 in the drilling process serve as directional responses of the Top and Bottom of the natural radioactivity of rocks. Thus, the geological survey of the subsoil user receives additional information in the process of construction of the wellbore, which increases the reliability of the service geosteering and provides insight into the geometric behavior of the reservoir.

Module azimuthal gamma ray logging while drilling LHE6670 completed a series of successful tests during the construction of directional and horizontal wells in China. Module LHE6670 is a commercial product and is available commercially.

The module is available for purchase by customers in Russia from 2020.

Detailed information about the technical characteristics of the module LHE6670 you can see here