Inclinometer table LHE 0011F

The original inclinometric table of the LHE 0011F brand is installed in the service center of Drilling Consulting LLC, which allows you to automatically check and calibrate all types of inclinometers of the LHE series, which reduces the time for calibration.

The inclinometric table is used to calibrate various inclinometric models and sensors; it is equipped with a three-dimensional control device for measuring the zenith angle, azimuth and roll angle. Non-magnetic materials of high strength are used for the manufacture of the body of the calibration unit, wear-resistant non-magnetic bearings are used for moving parts, which allows for high measurement accuracy.


  • Application of non-magnetic materials
  • Application of non-magnetic absolute value encoders, power outage memory function
  • Use of non-magnetic slip rings in the design, free rotation of azimuth up to 360°

Inclinometer table LHE 0011F